Range Day with the London Regiment

Saturday 28th November 2015

Very early in the morning of Saturday the 28th November, a number of us headed for the army shooting ranges at Ash near Camberley. We had a strong team of marksmen headed up by team captain Charles Miller and including Court Assistants Arthur Richards and Adam Bennett fresh from their victory over the London Regiment last year. We compete for the Sirrah Cup given by past master Derek Harris some years ago (The sharp eyed will guess where the name of the cup came from) and we have a pretty good record against a tough opponent. This year for the first time we were at the full shooting ranges on Ash Common firing the Army’s standard issue weapon from a prone position, that means lying down, with the gun supported by a tripod aiming at targets some 25 metres away. I have to report that despite a valiant effort and some excellent shooting by the team the Army scraped home this year. Their top man scoring a perfect 100% with his last shots. I presented to cup to the winning team somewhat relieved that the Army were in fact better at shooting than a livery company even one as distinguished as ours. It was a very happy day. We had great fun with friendly rivalry and enjoyed lunch together in a local pub courtesy of the London Regiment to whom many thanks. There will be a return match in April 2016 at the same venue and we hope for a large turnout from the Company to watch and support.