Modern Companies Dinner at Armourers' Hall

Monday 7th September 2015

After a summer break the Livery Circuit picks up again in September and I was invited to the Modern Companies Dinner hosted by the Environmental Cleaners in Armourers’ Hall. It is a beautiful hall, just by London Wall, not especially large but very sumptuous with wonderful displays of 16th and 17th century armour. The dining room has a fantastic display including pikes and lances on every wall and should anyone choose to pick a fight weapons are ready to be grasped. The present hall was built in 1839 but on the same site that Armourers have occupied since 1346 which must a record for a Livery Company.

We were treated to a grand dinner and very jovial company. I was sitting between the Master Furniture Maker and the Master Farmer, a very good mix and excellent dinner companions. Our thanks to the Environmental Cleaners for being such generous hosts