49 The Musicians' Company Concert at Wigmore Hall

Monday 24th November 2014

I was invited by the new Master of the Musicians' Company, Kathleen Duncan, to a concert at the Wigmore Hall. It was one of three concerts a year which provide exceptionally talented musicians with performance opportunities. Singers aged under 32 and other musicians not over 28, with British residency, may apply for an audition. The two selected for this concert were Alexander Panlilov, pianist, and the Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet. In a varied programme of four works each, the quality of their musicianship shone, in a concert hall whose acoustics were ideal. A most enjoyable evening.

The Musicians' are the Mother Livery Company of this year's Aldermanic Sheriff, Alderman Andrew Parmley, so it is fitting that we establish a good bond with them as Mother Livery Company of the Non-Aldermnic Sheriff.