42 The Silent Ceremony in the Great Hall, Guildhall

Friday 7th November 2014

The Silent Ceremony takes its name from the fact that no speeches are made during its proceedings. As a member of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs' Committee, I was a member of the procession of the Lord Mayor into the Great Hall from the Aldermen's Court Room. After the Lord Mayor Elect has made and subscribed the Declaration, the incoming Lord Mayor receives from the outgoing Lord Mayor the symbols of the office. These comprise the Sceptre, the Seal of the Office of Mayoralty, the Purse, the Sword, the Mace and the Collar of SS and Badge. Once the new Lord Mayor had signed the document of appointment of the Deputy City Gauger, the Aldermen, Sheriffs, Officers and the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs' Committee shake hands with the Lord Mayor and the Late Lord Mayor and process out.