39 The Lighting-Up Dinner at Guildhall

Wednesday 29th October 2014

The Lord Mayor's Banquet has been held in Guildhall since soon after 1500. Those responsible for fitting up Guildhall for the Banquet must have inspected the Hall prior to the occasion but it was not until 1777 that it was decided to appoint a Committee to superintend the entertainment. This is the origin of the Lord Mayor's and Sheriffs' Committee.

The need for a rehearsal of the lighting arrangements, and the reason for the Lighting Up Dinner, dates back to the introduction of gas to light and beautify Guildhall. Gas lighting has long since passed into history but the Lighting Up Dinner continues each year. It is an opportunity for the Lord Mayor Elect, the two Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs' Committee to invite those who will be involved in the Banquet to sample the food and drink to be served. It was great fun to be part of this special event in the life of the Civic City.