29 Election of the Lord Mayor in Common Hall

Monday 29th September 2014

As the robed Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff of the Livery Companies processed into a packed Common Hall two abreast and in reverse order of precedence, it struck me that what I was taking part in had been a significant event in the life of the City of London every year for many centuries. Awesome!

After various formalities, the Liverymen chose two out of three names of Aldermen below the chair who had served in the office of Sheriff.The names were conveyed by the two Sheriffs, Andrew Parmley and our own Fiona Adler, to the Lord Mayor and the Aldermen who had passed the chair, who were waiting in the Print Room. Once they had processed back into the Great Hall, it was announced that Alan Yarrow, Alderman and Fishmonger, was Lord Mayor Elect.

After Resolutions of Thanks to the Lord Mayor and the late Sheriffs and speeches from the Masters of their Mother Livery Companies, Common Hall was disolved with a resounding "God save The Queen".

I led a group of Liverymen to Painters' Hall for luncheon with 11 other Livery Companies.