24 Presentation of Chain and Badge to Sheriff-Elect Adler at Girdlers' Hall

Wednesday 17th September 2014

A large number of members of the Company attended the presentation of the Badge and Chain to Sheriff-Elect Fiona Adler in Girdlers' Hall. It was presented by Alderman Sir David Wootton, following his finely crafted speech. He had spoken to family and friends and obtained amusing stories of Fiona's life.Lady Wootton presented David Moss with his Consort's Badge. Both Fiona and David responded. As Master of Fiona's Mother Livery Company, I had the privilege of joining a small group of family and City Leaders for Luncheon at the Hall. It was a very special day.

The Badge was designed and made by City Goldsmith, Grant Macdonald, The main theme is based upon the humble valve handle which was part of Fiona and David's business activities.Radiating from the Adler arms are golden tobacco leaves symbolising Fiona's time in the tobacco trade. The enamel shields around the edge of the badge are those of this Company, the Ward of Queenhithe, the Oxford & Bermondsey Youth Club, her 2011 Past Masters' Association "The First XI", the United Wards' Club and the shield of South Africa (where Fiona spent ten years).Around the edge are engraved The Guild of Freemen and The City Livery Club, which Fiona supports. The connection between the badge and the City of London arms is a circle of briar (the wood used to make smoking pipes) and set in the centre is a diamond symbolising our Livery Company's Diamond Jubilee this year, her 2012 Past Masters' Association "The Diamonds" and South Africa. The three golden chains connect to the shoulder pieces which are stylised Jewish Stars, in the centre of each is engraved BBB which is the most famous brand and trade mark of her family pipe making company, Britains Best Briars, and on the other side 888, considered as one of the luckiest numbers particularly in Asia where Fiona worked for many years.