8 Election of Sheriffs at Common Hall

Tuesday 24th June 2014

The Election of Sheriffs is always held on 24 June. The Liverymen meet to elect the new Sheriffs who will take office on 26 September. The Masters wear robes, badges and chains and process into the Great Hall in pairs and in reverse order of precedence. They are followed by the City Officers, the Aldermen and the Lord Mayor. It is a magnificent sight - the City of London in all its splendour!

This year is unique in our sixty year history. The non Aldermanic Sheriff elected unopposed was our Past Master Fiona Adler. This is an enormous privilege for any Company and we congratulate her and wish her and her Consort, Liveryman David Moss, a fantastic year. We also congratulate the Aldermanic Sheriff, Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley and wish him and his wife, Wendy, an equally enjoyable year.

Following the Election, we joined nine other Livery Companies for Luncheon at Painters' Hall. The two Sheriff Elects joined us during the meal and were welcomed with applause and cheering. As Master of a Sheriff's Mother Company, I had the privilege of responding to the toast of the Guests. It was also a pleasure to have on our table, Lord Strathalmond, who had chaired Fiona's Election Committee.