3 Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Tuesday 10th June 2014

It was a great pleasure to attend the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace with the Mistress, Pauline Kane, and my two sons, Charles and James. Since I last attended in 1991, the rules have changed to enable sons as well as daughters between 18 and 25 years of age to attend.

The weather was hot and sunny and despite there being eight thousand guests, the grounds are large enough to absorb the large numbers.

It was The Duke of Edinburgh's 93rd birthday and the Equerries told those meeting him not to refer this fact. However, as The Queen and Prince Philip made their way through the guests from Her Majesty's Tea Tent to the Palace at the end of the afternoon, a few people started singing "Happy birthday to you" and everyone joined in. The Queen responded with a beaming smile which radiated to all around her. A memorable and delightful day!