The Inter Livery Pancake Races

Today was the 19th Inter Livery Pancake Races and the Pipe Makers were ably represented by the Master, Mistress, Immediate Past Master and Senior Warden. The Clerk was Team Leader.

As Team Leader, I can say that many people think it is easy to run and toss a pancake - it's not! The Pipe Makers team did our Company proud, yes there were a couple of dropped pancakes but more importantly, the Pipe Makers did not fall over or hurt themselves - the Senior Warden even ran with a broken toe, such is her dedication to the Company and the cause. If there was a team talk, it was 'it's the taking part that's important, not the winning' - I wanted the team to enjoy the day but not to injure themselves!

Many pancakes were tossed, dropped and picked up again and probably a few muscles were pulled but above that, money was raised for the Lord Mayor's Charity and much enjoyment was had by the 38 Livery Companies and Guilds of the City of London who took part.

Lunch was very welcome after the races finished and yes, pancakes were on the menu!