Jailed & Bailed

Tuesday 31st January 2023

Old Bailey and Tower of London

My hearing at The Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, was postponed from last September to today – along with 30 other Masters and Immediate Past Masters – for alleged crimes committed worthy of incarceration at The Tower of London. We assembled in Court Room 3 to hear of our individual charges – delivered by the Judge of the day – Alderman Sheriff Alastair King.

All felons were then transported to The Tower in the “Jailed & Bailed” traditional Routemaster bus – a journey that allowed much cross-speculation as to the fate that awaited us.

On arrival, an officer of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers marched us to the holding room – where we were invited to stump up bail money to secure of freedom. Many comrades came to the party to assist in our efforts to provide bail and between all felons an amount of £43k was paid over – the recipients being the British Red Cross. Relieved, we celebrated with much 'water' made by Pol Roger and a very pleasant lunch in the dining hall of the Royal Fusiliers!

Special thanks from me to all those that assisted with funding my release from incarceration!