The City Pickwick Club

Monday 23rd January 2023

The City Pickwick Club has a rather exclusive membership limited to 100 characters and Past Master Charles Miller happens to be one of the fortunate – referred to, in these circles, as Blazes Tuckle, a character from The Pickwick Papers, the first novel of Charles Dickens. It was a great honour to receive an invitation to join him at the meeting – almost all there being connected to Liveries.

The venue – as per tradition in the famous and historic George & Vulture Tavern chop house used by Dickens.

The City Pickwick Club was formed in 1909. Each member is allotted the name of a character.

The President, Mr. Samuel Pickwick (Alderman Sir David Wootton, Lord Mayor of London 2011-12) introduced each of the several guests with some humour and divulgence of habit!

The Vice President (Mr Joseph Smiggers – Mark Charles Dickens) happens to be the great great grandson of Charles Dickens…and the guest of honour and speaker was his sister Mrs Marion Dickens.

We enjoyed the traditional serving of smoked salmon, Pickwick Pie, Jingles fruit salad Treat and Dingley Dell Stilton – washed down by volumes of wine!

Marion’s speech gave some ‘family;’ insight to her great great grandfather – she being a descendent of Charles’s 8’th child (of 10), son Henry – who went to Cambridge and became a lawyer and judge of great repute.

Marion proposed a toast to The Immortal Memory of Charles Dickens.

A most enjoyable evening with a club steeped in tradition!

I now look forward to reading The Pickwick Papers – a copy of which was kindly given to all guests.