Welfare Committee recognises Past Master Roger Merton

Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Lunch in the City

It was an honour to receive an invitation to a luncheon hosted by the Welfare Committee in recognition of Past Master Roger Merton’s 50 years on committee!

Roger has recently retired from Chairmanship of the committee and becomes vice-Chair.

His selfless and dedicated service has seen remarkable work by the organisation which began in the 1860’s and that provides funding and support for (tobacco) industry persons that have fallen on hard times.

Roger spoke passionately about his time with the committee citing the respect and close relationship he had with the late PM John Adler.

The new Chairman, Third Warden Tony Scanlan, thanked Roger on behalf of the committee for his 50 years of active involvement.

The Mistress and I were honoured to be present!

Thank you to the Welfare Fund administrators, Forum Court, for coordinating the lunch at Vinoteca, Kings Cross.