Silent Ceremony

Friday 11th November 2022

Admission of The Lord Mayor Elect, Guildhall

The Lord Mayor Elect, Alderman Nicholas Lyons, was admitted in what is known as the Silent Ceremony in the packed Great Hall at Guildhall.

The Clerk managed to secure tickets for the Mistress and I – this event having more demand than supply! It was a fascinating ceremony with a fairly long procession including the City’s senior and ceremonial officials, the Lord Mayor Elect and The Lord Mayor (Alderman Vincent Keaveny).

Another great ancient tradition executed to perfection and in total silence apart from the Lord Mayor Elect’s Declaration.

We reflect on the busy and eventful and indeed memorable year Vincent Keaveny and his wife Amanda have had; and we wish the Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons and Lord Mayoress Felicity Lyons a successful year ahead that begins today! We shall be in support at the Lord Mayor’s Show in London tomorrow!