Livery Partnership Guildhall School of Music

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Guildhall School Livery Bar

Jonathan Fell (Chairman Benevolent Fund), The Mistress and I attended a reception in the ‘Livery Companies Bar’ at GSM.

GSM receive significant funding from Livery companies; I’m told by Jon that we started donating back in 1964! All donating Livery companies are listed on a ‘roll of honour’ in the bar!

GSM has initiated a campaign and target to attract more funding for this important cultural music and drama school – in the run up to their 150-year anniversary 2030!

We heard from Sir Andrew Parmley (GSM campaign board member) and principal Jonathan Vaughan, met some students, and enjoyed some jazz from a talented quartet.

We are certainly proud to be associated with this exceptional educational institution.