Annual Banquet

Wednesday 19th October 2022

Grocers' Hall

Grocers’ Hall, a first for many, did us proud and the dining area was a spectacle with the imposing chandeliers dangling over beautifully decorated tables.

Final count was around 140 – with the Clerk performing magic given last minute ever-changing numbers!

Sharon and I welcomed all guests into The Piper Room, before making our way to the dining Hall.

Our Honorary Chaplain delivered an amusing grace, disguising the 5 modern pentathlon sports in honour of my principal guest, Professor Greg Whyte – a two-time Olympian.

Court Assistant John Clarke made a fine introduction of the main guests before proposing a toast to all guests...the main guests including Greg Whyte; Lt Col Chris Sykes; Major Oliver Bambrick; Dame Julie Kenney and Capt Robin Batt.

Prof Greg Whyte responded highlighting the importance of physical activity to health and productivity, and his endeavours with celebrities and iconic challenges to ‘achieve the impossible’; plus his many charitable works, most recently focusing on creating an awareness of learning to swim.

He was delighted to receive a cheque from us for The Royal Life Saving Society UK charity.

Major Oliver Bambrick, Company Commander No 15 (Loos) Co, Irish Guards – with whom we have a close association – was also most appreciative to receive a cheque from us for their Company.

Following my response, we were treated to some excellent music from the London Fanfare Trumpets – including some African pieces! Alan Beggs (Clerk’s Asst), who sadly passed away 2 weeks ago, played a large part in securing the musicians. We felt that their entertaining repertoire was a fitting tribute to Alan.

The Mistress and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, and it took some effort to have the Hall vacated by deadline time 11pm!