Battle of Loos Dinner with Irish Guards

Saturday 15th October 2022

Union Jack Club

We have a close affiliation with the Irish Guards – and I was privileged to receive an invitation from Major Oliver Bambrick, Co Commander No 15 (Loos) Company, Irish Guards to join an all-rank dinner (in itself unusual) in memory of the Battle of Loos (which was in 1915) at the Union Jack Club near Waterloo station.

I was seated alongside Major Robbie Wilmont (Assistant Regimental Adjutant RHQ Irish Guards) and Lt Col Chris Sykes (Commanding Officer, 1st Batallion, London Guards). In front of me was the SIRRAH trophy – fitting!

We heard about the fantastic work the Company does in supplying Reserve troops to the Irish Guards; the commitment of the Reserves; the additional time many of them devote and the admirable way they 'stick together'.

A lovely evening in and amongst our dedicated forces.