Furniture Makers' Hall

Thursday 6th October 2022

Masters and Clerks Dinner

A handful of Companies were invited by The Furniture Makers Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants for a black tie dinner in their Hall - my first time there.

Sadly, the F M Master, Tony Attard, had to withdraw but their IPM David Woodward stepped in and was a gracious host.

Tony’s speech, delivered by David, was a clever construction mentioning each of the visiting Companies, their history and their Royal Charters / Grant of Arms. There was some bemusement at our history and 3rd resurrection!

The furniture industry is a strong one in the UK – and we were given a catalogue of The Frederick Parker Chair Collection which is housed at The London Met University. It comprises a fascinating collection of 200 chairs showing a wide variety of materials, forms, decoration and design and illustrates how furniture has evolved over time, with changing ideas about comfort, style and design. Worth a visit!

Another fine evening in the City!