Evensong - The Musicians' Company

Wednesday 5th October 2022

St Paul's Cathedral

The Renter Warden and I attended the annual Musicians’ Company Choral Evensong at St. Paul’s – an event that has been going since 1908!

Along with other Masters and Wardens, and a large core of members from The Musicians, we gowned up in the Crypt and processed into the Dome and were joined by the St. Paul’s choir and the Royal College of Music for a beautiful Evensong.

The Bidding was given by The Dean (newly appointed), and The Second Lesson by The Right Rev Graeme Knowles, Master Musicians. In between, the choir and RC of Music performed some wonderful pieces.

The evening ended with a large gathering of us in the Crypt for a wine and canape reception – where we met The Mistress, Sharon, and the Renter Warden's wife Carolyn.

The Musicians’ craft is the music profession whereby they nurture and support emerging musicians – and by all accounts do a fantastic job!