Modern Liveries Dinner

Monday 3rd October 2022

Armourers' Hall

The Senior Warden and I enjoyed a fun evening at The Modern Liveries Dinner – this time being the turn of The Educators (109) to host which they did wonderfully – and at Armourers’ Hall – where I was installed – it was good to be back!

Modern Companies are from precedence 78-110; Masters and Upper/Senior Wardens are invited to dine twice a year (March and September – this year October), with the host company, by rotation, choosing the hall. That implies our Third Warden, Tony Scanlan, will be the host in March 2025 (subject to!).

There were about 70 of us dining with a vocal ensemble from ‘Modality Collective’ – 5 singers and a pianist ending their performance with “We’ll meet again” in memory of Her Late Majesty, QE II – and to which we were provided the words for a group effort!

Master Educator Caroline Haines, Upper Warden Educator Janet Reynolds and guest Andrew Wigmore, a British-Belizean politician, diplomat and Commonwealth Games sportsman all gave speeches with Andrew focusing on Green Canopy, one the Her Late Majesty’s ‘green’ initiatives. Most interesting.