Election of Lord Mayor

Thursday 29th September 2022

Common Hall

I took a late breakfast in Guildhall kindly hosted by Mark Grove, The Cook & The Butler, before joining other Masters in The Crypts to gown up and prepare for the procession (11.35am) to Great Hall – for the election of the new Lord Mayor.

Lord Mayor candidates, the current Lord Mayor, the (new) Sheriffs, late Sheriffs, Aldermen and officers all took to stage to start this ancient ritual.

Voting took place with Nicholas Lyons becoming the elected Lord Mayor (to take office in November), Michael Mainelli favoured for election next year, and Alison Gowman and Timothy Hales favoured for consideration ‘in the future’!

The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Recorder and Town Clerk retired to the Print Room to consider the result of the election, during which time the Assistant Town Clerk delivered a clever speech with amusing twists on relevant City of London issues.

On their return the motions were adopted and what followed were great speeches – from The Lord Mayor-Elect, The Master Solicitor, The Lord Mayor, The late Sheriffs and the Master Glover.

A delightful ceremony in a packed hall of eligible Liverymen.

The Renter Warden and I then set off to Stationers’ Hall where, along with the Mistress, we lunched with many other Companies in their recently refurbished premises – and we were kindly given a tour after a delicious meal – great work done.

I came away from the day convinced the City of London was in good hands yet again – and the many challenges out there will be tackled head on!