World Drinks Awards Spirits Tasting

Tuesday 26th July 2022

Worshipful Co of Distillers

Hosted by The Distillers at Vintners’ Hall, we enjoyed a very well organised event which displayed a selection of the winners of the World Drinks Awards Spirits – featuring well over 100 bottles, by geographical region and comprising whisky, gin, vermouth, tequila and others!

This is a passionate industry, and one I fell in love with, as we moved around the world sampling a variety of spirits and developing a very long list of favourites! The winners of the various awards had been chosen by judges from over 30 countries – a commendable feat.

It was well attended by many Livery Companies and the noise level intensified before we were reminded of carriages. How fortunate it was to be supplied with a plate and a great selection of food to help smooth the journey.

We were well presented with CA Martine Petetin and her husband Ken, and Freeman Andrew Pinto.

Proceeds from the event went to The Distillers for their chosen charities.

Special thanks to them and to all involved.