Installation Court – Armourers’ Hall

Wednesday 1st June 2022

My final act as Master was to chair the Installation Court, held at the impressive Armourers’ Hall. During the meeting, we welcomed a new Court Assistant, Susan Curran; we also voted to admit a new Freeman, we installed two Freeman, gowned two Liverymen, and installed one new Honorary Freeman, the (soon to be Immediate Past) Mistress, Catherine. We have a strong pipeline of new members coming through, who have much to offer the Company and we have many reasons to be optimistic for the future. Following the Court meeting, it gave me very great pleasure to install Paul Taberer as our new Master. I am sure that he and his wife, Sharon, will have a fabulous year, ably supported by his Wardens (now bolstered by the addition of our newest Warden, Jacqueline Burrows). It was with mixed emotions that I handed over the Master’s Badge – sad that my year is over, it having seemingly flown by in an instant, but also pleased to be handing over to such a strong team and to be able to get a little bit of my life back …