Fan Makers Selection Court Dinner – Saddlers Hall

Thursday 14th October 2021

The Fan Makers Company have only very recently moved their base from Skinners to Saddlers Hall, and the Immediate Past Master and I were delighted to have been invited to attend their first dinner at their new home. The IPM was especially delighted to see the Fan Makers’ Chaplain who, it appears, married him and Samantha some 25 years ago. My dining companions included 2 Past Masters and an Assistant, from whom I learned that (i) The Pipe Makers are not the only Company where sons follow their fathers, and (ii) not all retired policemen open pubs – some develop a second career as Livery Company Clerks.

An amusing speech by Assistant Gary Blaker welcoming the guests, in which much was made of the presence of two Tobacco Pipe Makers (BOGOF), was followed by a reply from the Principal Guest, Judge Richard Scarratt. HHJ Scarratt sits in the Family Court, and shared some of his experiences with us. These tales were both upsetting and uplifting, and reflect the incredibly difficult job that he, and others who work in the Family Division, do. A stirrup cup rounded off a lovely evening – many thanks Master Fan Maker.