Sirrah Trophy

Sunday 3rd October 2021

Shoot with The London Irish Rifles and the Irish Guards Association

A group of 12 crack shots from the Pipe Makers Company (or, in my case, not-so-crack shot) gathered at Wellington Barracks on a clear Sunday morning to compete for the Sirrah Trophy. This year's shoot with the London Irish Rifles took a slightly different format to usual in that we were joined by the Irish Guards Association, with whom we have recently struck up an affiliation, and by the Founders Company who, like us, have supported the London Irish Rifles for some time. Ably organised by Major Robbie Wilmont, we spent the morning not just shooting but also learning a little about the Irish Guards and their traditions, their treasures and their uniforms. We then travelled to the home of the London Irish Rifles in Flodden Road for the prizes, presented by Major Dominic Masters of the London Irish Rifles. I am delighted to say that the Pipe Makers ‘A’ Team (comprising Charles Miller, Archie Smith, Paul Taberer, Adam Philips, Colin Ritchie and Lt Col Geoffrey Strickland) retained the Sirrah Trophy; Geoffrey also won the trophy for the day’s best shot after scoring a perfect 30 out of 30 - well done all. I am also delighted to say that, despite my own abysmal performance, I was not the day’s worst shot! We then enjoyed Irish Stew, Guinness and live music, a fun and relaxing end to a lovely day. Many thanks to Robbie and his team.