Common Hall – Election of The Lord Mayor

Wednesday 29th September 2021


The Livery gather in The Guildhall at this time each year in order to elect the new Lord Mayor, and to bid farewell to the current incumbent and his Sheriffs. The current Lord Mayor, William Russell, is (almost) unique in having served for two consecutive years – the first time this has happened since 1860. His Sheriffs, Michael Mainelli and Christopher Hayward, have also served two consecutive terms, but for them the most recent precedent goes back even further – to the 13th Century.

The Masters of all of the Livery Companies gathered and robed in the Guildhall crypts, before processing (in reverse order of precedence) into the Great Hall. Once there, with due pomp and ceremony, we voted for two candidates to be considered by the Lord Mayor and the Aldermen - who had at this stage retired from the proceedings. The outcome of all of this is that Vincent Keaveny was elected Lord Mayor, and will take up office in November

Whilst the Lord Mayor and Aldermen had been considering the outcome of the election, we were addressed by Angela Roach, the Assistant Town Clerk, who spoke eloquently about the historic, and present-day, part that women have played in the City of London, and by Caroline Al-Beyerty, the first woman to hold the office of Chamberlain, who spoke a little about her role, and about the problems of walking backwards in high heels and a skirt.

The main players then returned to the stage, and tributes were paid to, and thanks given by, the Lord Mayor and each of the Sheriffs.

Following the formalities, I was delighted that the Renter, Third and Fourth Wardens were able to join me for a fine lunch a Butchers’ Hall. I was only sorry to have to leave early for a work call, just as the port and cheese was produced.