Diamond Jubilee Organisation

Monday 10th June 2013

In 2012 (a memorable year of Diamond Jubilees), Assistant Jacqueline Burrows raised the point that May 2014 would be the 60th Anniversay of the formation of the modern Comoany. At the October 2012 GPC, it was agreed that a committee should be formed to recommend ways in which this notable occasion should be celebrated. This committee now comprises The Master, Past Master Fiona Adler, Second Warden Arthur Richards, Fourth Warden Charles Miller, Assistant Jacqueline Burrows, Assistant Roger Brookes and Liveryman Nicky Donnelly.The first meeting of the committee was held at the Master's residence (together with a convivial lunch!) on June 10th to agree aims, concepts and organisation. The Master reported back to the July GPC and a broad plan and responsibilities were agreed. Detailed plans will be progressed for discussion at a committee meeting to be held on September 9th with a subsequent detailed recommendation to be put to the Court at the Autumn Court meeting on September 16th.