Modern Companies Dinner - Butchers' Hall

Monday 13th September 2021

Livery Companies who were established after 1926 are together categorised as Modern Livery Companies, the “oldest” of which is the Master Mariners, formed in 1926 and ranking 78th in the Order of Precedence. Despite our 17th century roots, our reformation in 1954 means that we, too, are a Modern Livery Company. Every 6 months a dinner is arranged for the Masters and Senior Wardens of the (currently) 33 Modern Companies, organised in rotation by each company. This time it was the turn of the Tax Advisers; in fact this was their 3rd attempt to organise this dinner, given the disruption over the last 18 months. The Senior Warden and I, together with over 60 others, assembled at Butchers' Hall for a dinner of cured salmon and guinea fowl, and a speech by Adrian Waddingham, CBE, Actuary and former Sheriff, who commended the Modern Companies for their very significant charitable giving, and for their forward thinking and modern outlook, which he said benefited the Livery movement as a whole. With many thanks to the Tax Advisers for their perseverance in organising a very enjoyable evening.