Smoking Club at the Hippodrome

Monday 6th September 2021

Our previous Smoking Club evening in July was marked by torrential downpours, so it was inevitable that the September event would be held on the warmest evening we have had for some time. With thanks, again, to Elise and the rest of her Membership Committee a significant group enjoyed drinks and canapes and cigars in the balmy surroundings of the Hippodrome’s new roof terrace. We were delighted that one of our newer Freemen, Sarah Saunders, was able to bring along two of the top three competitors from the UK round of the Slow Smoke (the World Cigar Smoking Championships) and to tell us a little about the competition. I was astounded to hear that the world record for smoking a single cigar (keeping it constantly lit) is well over 3 hours, and that the gentleman who finished 2nd in the UK championship had only ever smoked 3 cigars previously. I would encourage everyone to come along to these Smoking Club evenings – they really are a great way for us to get together in a less formal environment, to enjoy a cigar (and each other’s company) and to introduce potential new members to the Company. Look out for the next event, to be held towards the end of the year.