Common Hall for the Election of the Sheriffs

Thursday 24th June 2021

You wait (well, my predecessors waited) 16 months for an official event, and then two come along in one week. My second outing of the week was to Common Hall on Midsummers Day to elect the two Sheriffs. Alison Gowman and Nick Lyons were standing unopposed, and were duly elected by the assembled, much reduced, throng – restrictions meaning that only Masters were allowed to attend. Importantly, we also elected the Auditors and Bridgemasters; even more importantly, the Ale Conners were voted in too. The Chartered Accountants had arranged a lunch in the Guildhall Members’ Dining Room for those attending Common Hall. Although the lunch was delayed by a fire alarm in Guildhall, it was a very enjoyable affair, with the Master Arts Scholar, Master Broderer and the Clerk to the Chartered Accountants all providing entertaining, real-life conversation. On my way back to the office, I managed to pick up a snippet of the Band of the Coldstream Guards as they played in Guildhall Yard as part of the Armed Forces Day flag raising ceremony.