St Patrick's Day Celebration

Saturday 21st March 2020

Wellington Barracks with the Irish Guards Association

On Sunday 15th March, the Pipe Makers were honoured to be invited to Wellington Barracks as guests of the Irish Guards Association for the St Patrick's Day presentation of shamrock. Our own Clerk's Assistant, Alan Beggs, paraded before us with the Irish Guards Association, alongside Major Bob Brown leading the London Irish Rifles (with whom we are also affiliated) and the Irish Guards themselves.

The formalities completed on the parade ground were then followed by a glass or two of wine, a light lunch in the mess (the curry was delicious), and a celebration of all things Irish in the Sergeants Mess. It was a fabulous event and the hospitality of our hosts second to none.

As I write this I now realise that this was likely to be the final event in my year as Master, as the coronavirus so cruelly tears every plan apart for now and the foreseeable future. It could not have been with a better group of people.