Message from the Master, Clerk and Wardens

Dear Members of the Company, dear friends,

It will come as no surprise that the onslaught of the Coranavirus has decimated the Livery calendar and most, if not all, planned events are now cancelled or postponed until a time when it is considered safe to venture out.

In the interim, the team here will manage the interests and procedures of the Company to our best ability and will stay in regular contact. Please keep an eye on the website and the master's blog for any news. Please also share any news with us which you feel might be of interest to the Company.

We all hope that a return to some normality will be soon but we are in extraordinary times and it seems that things may get worse before they improve.

Until we see each other again, we send our best wishes to you and your families. Please keep safe and well.

Kind regards

Master, Clerk and Wardens