Pancake Week

Sunday 1st March 2020

Shrove Tuesday to Vintners Hall

After a battering by storms Ciara and Dennis not even the wind could stop the annual Pancake Race at Guildhall. Hosted brilliantly, as ever, by the Poulters company, the 16th Inter-Livery race comprised some 30 livery teams. Our valiant team made a very respectable effort. May I thank the Mistress, Third warden Paul Taberer and Will Rasmussen for their energetic support. Will's costume as John Bull was excellent! We were also delighted to have David Parrott, Elise Rasmussen. Ian Venters and Sandra, our Clerk, to cheer us on and to tie our shoe laces! Overall a great fun event which, I'm sure, raised a healthy sum for charity.

By way of comparison, later in the week I had the honour of attending a dinner at Vintners' Hall. In the finest of Livery traditions we had a superb meal and delicious wines in the best of company, with a dexterous combination of both ancient and modern; the Hall for example rang loudly with the Vintners song but, due to the threat of coronavirus, left the Loving Cups untouched. It was a super evening.