Sent to the Tower....

Tuesday 18th February 2020

The Yeoman Warders' Annual Dinner

Thanks to our much prized Beadle, Mark Anderson, I had the great privilege of attending the Annual Dinner of the Yeoman Warders at Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, the Tower of London. This was a very special evening filled with humour, fellowship, history and tradition. I would also like to thank Yeoman Warder, Jimmy James, who organised the event (and who stepped in bravely as our Beadle for the January Dinner).

Indeed, I walked from the main gate to the Armourers' Hall alone, in the darkness and drizzle of early evening. What struck me was how silent and solitary it all was, surrounded by the noise and lights of the City, with so much history concentrated in one place; so many things which are so essential to our British identity.

The guests comprised a military and security, diplomatic (Woody Johnson the US Ambassador was present) and City of London audience and we were treated to a splendid feast, hosted by the Constable of the Tower, General Sir Nicholas Houghton. If I could steal a speech, I would definitely use Sir Nicholas' as it was the perfect combination of intelligence and wit. The music, provided by the RAF Band was also wonderful.

For my sins, I was seated between Mark and the Gaoler, so was on my best behaviour!

Many thanks to the Yeoman Warders for such a unique and memorable evening.