The Mistress in Prison

Tuesday 18th February 2020

Fine Dining with a Unique Flavour

The Mistress event this year was held at The Clink at HM Brixton Prison. The Clink is a charity which assists former prisoners to secure work when they are free. The Clink specialises in training in food preparation, service and events.

I have to say that what was organised (with the Clerk's much appreciated) assistance was an absolute and eye-opening triumph. After a rather draconian entrance process, members from our Company together with representatives from some 40 other Companies were expertly served and fed a delicious afternoon tea, and told about the range and ambitions of the Clink charity. It was all finished off with an entertaining and informative presentation and quiz by Geoff Hughes, himself a former Prison Governor, as well as Deputy Governor at Brixton itself, about women in prison. I was amazed that women only represent some 5% of the prison population in England and Wales!

Our thanks to Geoff for sharing his knowledge and to his lovely wife Sue for joining us and making the day such a profound success. I had planned to see if the Clink would keep the Mistress in for a few days but due to her excellent and impressive performance she was allowed to leave. Thank you Kate for a wonderful day!