Dedication of New Window at St. Lawrence Jewry

Monday 15th April 2013

The Ward of Cheap Club celebrated its 150th Anniversary (1863-2013) by installing a new window in St. Lawrence Jewry and the Masters and Prime Wardens of the Livery Companies who had supported the appeal, together with their Clerks, were invited to a service of celebration which encompassed the dedication of the new stained glass window. It is the work of Petri Anderson and its 150 year theme was emphasised by the floral display containing 150 carnations in colours to match the window. Ponder anew!

The 150 theme was also echoed by three 150 word addresses from Alderman and Sheriff Jeffrey Evans, the Patron of the Ward Club, the Lord Mayor and the Archdeacon of London, David Meara. It's the kind of brief many other public speaking ocasions might benefit from. The assembled company did, however, shift a little uncomfortably in its collective seats when the Guild Vicar, our own dear David Parrott, suggested that he might honour the theme by preaching for 150 minutes.

It's a fine window. Go and see it!