Election Court and Lunch at Watermen's Hall

Tuesday 19th March 2013

The Court approved the succession of Senior Warden John Nokes to the role of Master, as well as a number of other appointments. Assistant Chris Allen will become Fourth Warden and Assistant Ralph Edmondson will join the GPC, with Adam Bennett and Conrad Blakey becoming Assistants and joining the Court.

Fran Morrison and Tony Scanlan made their Freedom Declarations and it will be good to see them amongst the record number of people currently joining the Livery. Nothing demonstrates the vitality of a Company better than new Liverymen. We also approved the Applications for the Freedom (the first stage in joining the Livery) from Andrew Coates, Mark Domitrak and Flora Okereke.

On a busy day for appointments, we gowned Paul Bethel, himself a Past Master of the Framework Knitters, as our new Clerk in place of Peter Swanson, who is retiring.

During the Court, Sue led a group of ladies and Immediate Past Master Fiona Adler's husband, Davd Moss, on a guided tour of the Crown Jewels. They didn't succeed in augmenting the Company's treasures but had a good time despite the cold.