Houses of Parliament and the Royal Courts of Justice

Monday 15th July 2019

Our thanks to the Framework Knitters and to the Arbitrators

The Mistress and I had great pleasure in joining a group of Livery Companies for a tour of the Houses of Parliament. This was brilliantly organised by Ian and Julia Grundy, the Master and Mistress Framework Knitter.

The tour began in the Great Hall and moved through the Lords and the Queen's apartments. Champagne on the terrace overlooking the Thames was followed by a super lunch. Afterwards, we were able to sit in on the afternoon session of the Lords-as a result I am now up to date with the lack of rural post offices! One lonely figure awaited us as we left- a statue of Cromwell surrounded by scaffolding. Our thanks to the Framework Knitters and to Baroness Byford for making this all happen.

The Mistress was then able to escape from my company to a fantastic event kindly hosted by the Mistress Arbitrator at the Royal Courts of Justice....but that is for her to blog. My only observation is that there is some similarity in the architecture of the two buildings...