From the Temple to the Tower

Sunday 7th July 2019

Thrown in Jail on Trumped Up Charges!

Fresh from the resounding harmonies of the choir at Temple Church I fell to earth. Indeed, I was summoned to the Old Bailey early in the week. In a packed Court Room full of my fellow Masters we were individually and collectively tried by the Sheriffs and found guilty of ludicrous charges! We were then given a ball and chain and sent down by bus to the Tower of London, to be booed by tourists and held until sufficient bail monies were raised.

I must say, I was a little surprised by my main offence- my failure to have my car washed more than once a year!? Oddly, only the Mistress could have known this (!) and I was a little hurt (in confidence) to hear that the Mistress had written to the Court to ask for the longest possible jail term for me!

The good news was that over £40,000 in total was raised for the British Red Cross. My sincere thanks to all of you who were so generous in providing my bail for me. Also, to be candid, jail conditions were less than harsh and the event's sponsor, Pol Roger, ensured that we did not die of dehydration.

Midweek, the Mistress, Clerk and I "walked the course" for our 400th Banquet, to be held on October 15th in the beautiful Mercers' Hall. It promises to be a fine occasion and I hope many from the Company will attend.

The week was then completed with a fabulous Smoking Club outdoor event at the Rosewood Hotel. The Membership Committee arranged everything perfectly- an excellent location, some delicious wine and canapes and for those who wished, a puff or two on a Cuban cigar. It was also a very strong and friendly turnout of both new and old faces. Thank you so much for inviting me.