Mansion House Dinner

Thursday 14th March 2013

On the Eve of the United Guilds Service, the Lord Mayor entertained the Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff of the Livery Companies of the City of London to dinner at Mansion House. Prior to 1869, the Lord Mayor only extended the invitation to the heads of the Great Twelve Livery Companies but now the Egyptian Hall is entirely full and, showing my Modern Company colours, somewhat livelier. The occasion is an opportunity for the Lord Mayor to celebrate his friendship and partnership with the Livery Companies and to return some of the hospitality shown to him during his year in office. (The previous Lord Mayor attended our Ladies Banquet at Mansion House last November.)

The Lord Mayor spoke most forcefully of the need for the City to serve society and also of the need for the Livery Companies to demonstrate their continuing relevance. Thoughtful replies came from the Master Mercer and the Master Grocer, the latter's Company having replied to the Lord Mayor at the event since 1728.

Sue and I returned home with the sounds of the State Trumpeters' fanfares literally ringing in our ears as we were sitting only a few trumpet's lengths from them. An evening to treasure.