Guildhall School of Music & Drama Annual Dinner of the Board of Governors

Thursday 14th March 2019

The Tobacco Pipe Makers has a long and fruitful history with the Guildhall School of Music & Drama having supported hundreds of students since the the 1950s. Today, we support four scholars each year, currently two singers (a bass and a soprano) and two musicians (a painist and a cellist) all of whom we seek to engage with in some way. It is common for our scholars to perform at our dinners and the Master will usually find other occasions to meet with them during his or her year. In addition to this we have occasions to mix with those individuals that lead the Guildhall School and an invitation to the Annual Dinner of the Board of Governors is a notable example.

This prestigious event was held at Haberdashers' Hall where over a hundred gathered for this celebration of the Guildhall School's achievements and a 'state of the nation' address by the Principal, Lynne Williams. The attendees were a healthy mix of benefactors, associated London-based music and drama organisations including the Royal Society of Arts and the BBC, the cream of the organisation's management and City of London civic luminaries. As you would expect, the evening was interspersed with entertainments provided by the students that included recitals of Shakespeare's sonnets and the music of Cole Porter all of which were excellent.