Smoking Club Drinks - The Savage Club

Tuesday 12th March 2019

The Savage Club was founded in 1857 when a letter was sent by George Augustus Sala (pictured) to prospective members. The letter was an invitation to 'a meeting of gentlemen connected with literature and the fine arts, and warmly interested in the promotion of Christian knowledge, and the sale of exciseable liquors' with a view to 'forming a social society or club'. Having then been formed and named, the Savage has ever since prided itself on being one of the leading Bohemian gentlemen's clubs in London with its stated aim of the 'pursuit of happiness'...and happy it is, for today it enjoys very comfortable residency at the National Liberal Club, Whitehall.

Close connections lead to a kind invitation from an esteemed member of the Savage and so it came to pass that he played host to this Smoking Club event. Taking full advantage of the well stocked and welcoming bar, our party was able to relax in the agreeable setting of the club lounge and mix not just amongst ourselves but with Savage Club members. Despite the weather being clear that evening, it was rather cold. However, very little can stop a smoker when he or she wishes to smoke and a large group soon stepped out to the magnificent Thames-side terrace and the bracing night. If people shivered, they didn't show it. Lit cigars and bonhomie warmed the party and our time was happily spent in our own Bohemian rhapsody set with the backdrop of twinkling lights from the South Bank. The evening was perfect and I like to think that the spirit of Mr. Sala was smiling on us as we paid our own homage to his Club's aim.