Pewterers' Livery Dinner

Tuesday 12th February 2019

It is always a privilege to dine with the Pewterers' Company. Apart from the delightful Hall and its historic collection of pewter treasures, the Company's members are unfailingly good hosts, offering delicious food and even better wines to their lucky guests. This Livery Dinner was no exception and it was fine company with thirteen visiting Masters and their respective Clerks. We were also joined by the Deacon of the Hammermen of Glasgow, one of the fourteen esteemed guilds of that city.

The Principal Guest and Speaker was His Honour Judge Michael Lawson QC who, with dry wit, entertained us with a stroll through today's world of political correctness. This was followed by the Master Pewterer, Richard Parsons, who then took us all on a journey to Brussels. Speculating how the assembled group might fair in Brexit negotiations, Master Pewterer offered suggestions of how each Master might contribute to the endeavour.

After a good shave by the Barbers, the Saddlers and Loriners would provide transport. The Wax Chandlers would illuminate the journey, the Watermen would secure safe passage over the English Channel whilst the Armourers would supply the necessary hardware to protect the party from bandit attack. Once in Brussels, the Stationers and Newspaper Makers would set about reporting on matters as the Hammermen and the Founders would thrash out an agreement with the EU team, the Plaisterers would cover any cracks leaving the Broderers to stitch up the deal. With the job done, it would then be left to the Innholders and Butchers to host the celebratory party (with pewterware, of course) and the Tobacco Pipe Makers would supply the cigars! The Master Pewterer declared that had only this plan been thought of sooner, the Brexit process would have been resolved a very long time ago in the most satisfactory way.

It was a wonderful evening of wishful thinking and bonhomie, the Pewterers' Company having fully upheld its reputation for the most gracious hospitality.