The Saddlers' Company - A Celebration of British Saddlery

Monday 4th February 2019

The Prime Warden of the Saddlers' Company extended the great kindness of an invitation to this annual event held at Saddlers' Hall. Greeted by a lifesize model of a horse in the entrance lobby, guests were herded upstairs to the reception rooms that had been filled with the best saddlery and equestrian leatherwork of the day, produced by master craftsmen and women and trainees alike. The event was one that allowed guests to view the great array of pieces all of which had been categorised and appraised by judges over the prior weekend. Apart from saddles, there were bridles, harnesses, you name it... Whilst prize-winners had been identified and were clearly marked, the awards of Gold, Silver and Bronze in each category was yet to be announced by the Master Saddler later that day.

The event was well attended by people from the industry and equestrian as well as the City and Livery Companies. It was enjoyable not just for seeing the new products on show but also the many treasures that the Hall has on display. This included a stunning saddle that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I and was used on a visit to Bristol in 1574. A wonderful complement of historic craftsmanship with that of today.