Smoking Club Drinks - Sanctum Soho Hotel

Tuesday 27th November 2018

This quarterly social took place at a new venue for the Company; the Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho, a short stroll from Piccadilly Circus. A former MI5 research building, the hotel is an unabashed paean to hedonistic rock n' roll luxury. This all makes sense when you understand that its style is inspired by the vision of its two creators which bring together the worlds of night clubs and the music business.

Dodging the flashlights of paparazzi, our party swept into the building and were guided to the lifts that took us to one of the hotel's secret weapons, an initimate roof terrace and bar. Fully kitted out with heaters and awnings, this 24/7 venue is perfect for those of a smoking disposition in all weathers. Our evening's drizzly conditions passed unnoticed by the assembled revellers who enjoyed a fun and raucous time...and that was without recourse to the hotel's thoughtfully provided roof-top jacuzzi. Probably just as well!

Like all good things, our evening came to an end and we filed out in batches to avoid detection by groupies. Described as being 'defiantly unconventional with a punk edge', for the Tobacco Pipe Makers, this hotel felt like home.