Security Professionals' Annual Dinner

Thursday 11th October 2018

The Installation of the Masters of the Security Professionals falls in the first week of June, similar to the Installation of the Masters of our own Company. The precise timing of the respective Installations each year determines which Master is the most newly minted before attending the annual Ironbridge Gorge Museums Livery Weekend. This year it fell to the Tobacco Pipe Makers but the bragging rights count for little as both Masters and Mistresses were equally fresh to the Livery circuit and were equally welcomed into the fold. Our journeys of engagement with our respective roles have since moved in step and so it was with the greatest of pleasure that the Mistress and I received and accepted an invitation to the Annual Dinner of the Security Professionals by the Master Phill Hagon and the Mistress, Maggie Hagon.

Held at Mansion House, our host Company filled the Egyptian Room with youthful energy, laughter and goodwill. The top table was graced by the great and the good from the industry accompanied by the newly installed Sheriffs, Vincent Keaveny and Liz Green. We enjoyed witty speeches and the presentation of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword to a Past Master for his outstanding achievements. Carrying the mighty blade, I imagine that his journey home on the Tube that night was undoubtedly trouble free...

The highlight of highlights that evening was the presentation of the Sheriffs' Award for Bravery. Directed by the Security Professionals, this annual award goes to a civilian that has demonstrated exceptional courage. This year's winner was a young man, David Burgess, who saved another young man from a violent knife attack. Taking place in broad daylight and with a standing crowd doing nothing, David launched himself on to the attacker and disarmed him. With thirty three stab wounds, the victim was taken to hospital and survived. David's presence of mind and speed of intervention saved a life. It is a story of selfless heroism and one that quite rightly earned him this public recognition. The Security Profesionals are to be applauded for their role in shining a light on this extraordinary young man.