Sheriff Tim Hailes' Reception

Wednesday 19th September 2018

With the Shrieval year rapidly drawing to its close, Sheriff Tim Hailes and Wingman Fiona Adler hosted a reception in the Great Hall at the Old Bailey to celebrate their year with those Livery Companies with which they are most closely connected. The invitation was to Masters, Wardens and Clerks and I was joined by Adam Bennett, Renter Warden, Jerry Merton, Third Warden and Paul Taberer, Fourth Warden.

Apart from our own Company, the guests included, amongst others, Alderman Peter Estlin, Master of the International Bankers, and Ann Buxton, Master Pewterer. These two Master's joined Tim in speeches that reflected on the achievements of his year and also recognised the transfer of Tim's mother company from the International Bankers to the Pewterers, an exceptionally unusual event.

With hearty toasts, the assembled crowd applauded Tim and Fiona for their remarkable year in office and wished Tim well for the future as he eyes a more lofty office...