Election of Lord Mayor

Monday 1st October 2018

Having enjoyed an exceptionally nice wedding in the Cotswolds over the weekend, the Mistress and I had hurried home in the small hours of Monday morning to catch some sleep before making our way to the City for the Election of the Lord Mayor at Guildhall. Any tiredness was soon forgotten as we arrived to the great buzz that surrounds such a time-honoured occasion. Gowning in the crypts is always an entertainment, particularly if in a rush. A helping hand is needed and the Learned Clerk was there to oblige. Indeed, both she and Mistress were looked to by the exceptionally tall Master Water Conservator who had to kneel.

The day's proceedings began with a Divine Service at St Lawrence Jewry, overseen by the Reverend Canon David Parrott, the Guild Vicar and our own Honorary Chaplain. It was an extraordinary service in so many ways; the prayers, the hymns and a striking Anthem 'Let all the world in every corner sing' (R Vaughan Williams). The choir and organ music were sublime.

With almost 80 Livery Company Masters in attendance and many Liverymen, Common Hall was packed. The Lord Mayor came to open the proceedings before retiring to allow the Liverymen present to consider the candidates. These were Aldermen Peter Estlin (International Banker), William Russell (Haberdasher) and Tim Hailes (Pewterer). The vote went in favour of Peter Estlin! The voters declared 'Next Year!' for William Russell and 'Later!' for Tim Hailes. Upon this, the Lord Mayor returned to Common Hall with the Lord Mayor-Elect who delivered an inspiring acceptance speech, looking forward to the year ensuing as the City of London's 691st Lord Mayor.

With the excitement over and the Civic Party having left, the Livery Masters departed for lunch with their respective Company members at a variety of halls nearby. Our own Company lunched at Stationers Hall, sharing table with the Master and jolly members of the Security Professionals.