The Silent Ceremony

Friday 9th November 2012

To Guildhall for the 'Silent Ceremony', so called because the admission of the new Lord Mayor takes place entirely in silence, apart from the short declaration that he makes. With lights lowered, the echoing footsteps of the procession were especially atmospheric and the audience was undisturbed by any chirrups form mobile phones. The outgoing Lord Mayor removed his hat, the incoming Lord Mayor put his own hat on and the symbols of office, the Sceptre, the Sword, the Seal and the Purse were solemnly transferred. The Lord Mayor was then congratulated individually and still silently by the Aldermen. Recorder, Sheriffs, Officers, the Chief Commoner and the members of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs' Committee.

Then the procession, with Alderman Roger Gifford now the 685th holder of an office that dates back to 1189, left Guildhall with the silence majestically broken by a trumpet fanfare and the peal of bells from St. Lawrence Jewry. Maybe, in a noisy world, it would be better if more things happened in silence.