Sheriff-Elect Chain Presentation

Wednesday 19th September 2018

In June of this year, Liveryman and Past Master Framework Knitter, The Hon. Elizabeth Green was elected in Common Hall to be the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff for the year ensuing. She is due to take office at the end of September and ahead of that time there is a Presentation of her Chain of Office attended by those that supported her. It was my pleasure to attend this on behalf of our Company.

A great many people gathered at Stationers' Hall for the occasion. Excellent speeches were delivered by the Sheriff-Elect, the Chairman of her Chain Appeal Committee, Sir Andrew Parmley, and her Consort, Peter Green. This was then followed by the formal presentation of Liz's Shrieval Badge of office.

Whilst entitled to use an inherited Right to Arms, Liz decided to petition for a new design which reflects her life. The Arms include the Leicestershire fox and the Hertfordshire stag, two counties with which Liz has strong connections. The design features a cinquefoil, or flower, which is also associated with Leicestershire with each petal having a traditional plain knit stitch background; a connection to the Framework Knitters Company. Enamel shields feature on the cinquefoil petals to represent the Framework Knitters Company, her three Ward Clubs and the City Livery Club. The badge is not only an ingenious representation of Liz's background and civic life, it also beautifully designed and crafted. It will be a joy to those that behold it during Liz's upcoming year.

The scene is set!